We are a Translation Agency located in the province of Bologna. Since 1989, we have been offering professional translation and interpreting services in all the languages needed by our customers’ business to reach new goals.

First and foremost, our work is carried out by an excellent team of professionals offering high-quality services.
With our 15 collaborators, 600 native translators and interpreters, and 6 project managers, at IMAGINE Traduzioni we are able to provide language solutions in over 100 languages, thus guaranteeing the best outcome.

We are a Translation Agency located in the province of Bologna. Since 1989, we have been offering professional translation and interpreting services in all the languages needed by our customers’ businesses to reach new goals.

Our customers can always count on the competence and confidentiality of our agency: from paper documents to exhibition booths, from product catalogues to technical manuals, from texts for web and social media to translated SEO copywriting, from financial and insurance papers to financial statements and trade secrets.

Our Quality System is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. Furthermore, we are among the first agencies to have obtained the following certifications from TÜV: ISO 17100 for translation and UNI 10574 for interpreting services. The professionalism of our collaborators is accompanied by a well-organised project management. Our customers can rely on our efficient approach under all circumstances.

Our team and the quality of services we offer to our customers have grown over the years. Therefore, in October 2018 – after realising we needed a bigger office space – we moved to a completely new location, where we meet our Customers and host our collaborators. Our open space office best suits our modus operandi, since it makes communication easier and enables us to work at our best for you. From this wide, flexible and welcoming workplace, we “speak” the languages that become your voice.

Our main goal has always been to carefully convey every single aspect involving a Company, because we believe that “translating” is not only a job, but a philosophy.

Sometimes it is essential to be able to read between the lines to “interpret” a customer’s unique voice.
We know how to accomplish this and use the same approach with every piece of document we deal with. We believe that even the smallest text must carry out the essence of the company it represents, as well as convey exactly the message needed for a specific context.

Our mission is to have no limits! We put our heart and soul into every project. We are also eager to continue improving ourselves without taking anything for granted.

We firmly believe in quality.
In fact, our Quality Manager is one of Imagine Traduzioni’s key figures who gives us the confidence to guarantee you the best results.

AUTOMOTIVE: technology and performance

This diverse sector regularly comes across commercial challenges and technological innovation. Our translation agency is able to find the right words to express technique, mechanics, style and avant-garde. Furthermore, thanks to the SAE J2450 certification, we can also guarantee a standardised quality of translation services in the automotive sector.


MARITIME: passion and logistics

The maritime sector handles the vast majority of goods worldwide. Due to the complexity of its structure and regulations, the content of contracts and agreements must be expressed with competence and maximum responsibility. We know how to deliver this type of service.


FINANCE: value and research

As the world of finance becomes more and more technological, the terminology concerning this type of industry evolves too. Our translation and interpreting agency knows how to express values, investments, economy and technology by choosing the right language for each specific area.


PACKAGING: innovation and internationalisation

A world market must be able to express itself in “all languages of the world”: this is why we offer both translation and interpreting services for each aspect concerning the packaging sector, which facilitate dialogue, negotiations and globalisation.


FOOD: future and inclusiveness

If there were a universal language, then it should be food. At IMAGINE we operate so that those who work in the food sector can communicate, thus develop their business without limits.


FASHION: trends and preferences

A sector that is based on style needs the right words to express its essence. This is exactly what we offer to the fashion industry, by tailoring our services to favour business and customer experience.


MEDICAL: trust and competence

The dynamism of the medical sector requires the use of terminology that mixes technology, medicine, economy, and social dynamics. Therefore, IMAGINE Traduzioni focuses on all these needs, providing all the services necessary to express high performance and new business segments.


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