IMAGINE Traduzioni offers services suitable for every need. This is possible thanks to a network of professionals who work with competence, attention to detail and passion.
Our team of translators and interpreters gives each word the utmost importance, always researching and choosing the best and specific term and rigorously checking the quality of the final result.
Our team of graphic designers, art directors, editors and copywriters support the translation and interpreting services to create content which has been checked meticulously.
Thanks to our team of project managers, who work in a tailor-made way, we are able to guarantee our customers smooth work processes in strict compliance with timing and needs, even when dealing with complex and multifaceted projects.

Language services

Translation and interpreting, professional revisions, language courses, copywriting services: our language solutions suit every need.

Graphics Services

Creation and DTP techniques in any format to offer high quality visual products.

Other services

From art direction to simple restyling, from text editing to multimedia and subtitling projects, we design and create graphic content to bring your ideas to life.

Translated languages

Afrikaans • Albanian • Arabic • Azeri or Azerbaijani • Bengali • Belarusian • Brazilian • Burmese • Bosnian • Bulgarian • Cambodian • Canadian French • Catalan • Cebuano • Czech • Dutch • Croatian • Kurdish • Danish • Hebrew • Estonian • Farsi • Flemish • Finnish • French • Gaelic • Galician • Georgian • Greek • Hungarian • Hindi • Indonesian • English • Icelandic • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Kyrgyz • Lao • Latvian • Lithuanian • Luxembourgish • Macedonian • Malaysian • Moldovan • Mongolian • Montenegrin • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Serbian • Simplified Chinese • Slovak • Slovenian • Spanish • Swedish • Tagalog • Thai • Tajik • Taiwanese • Tamil • Traditional Chinese • Turkmen • Turkish • Ukrainian • Urdu • US English • Uzbek • Vietnamese

Some of our customers

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