Controlled Natural Language

The “Italiano Tecnico Semplificato” (Simplified Technical Italian), developed by COM&TEC, is a type of controlled natural language that follows specific syntactic-grammatical rules capable of rendering a text simple, understandable and unambiguous during the translation process. It uses a reduced and specific vocabulary to achieve its purpose: to improve the readability of documentation.

What are the advantages of Italiano Tecnico Semplificato?
When writing a technical manual or in a professional translation service, there are many advantages in using this language:
✔ standards-compliant technical documentation
✔ time savings thanks to the reuse of syntactic structures from editorial databases
✔ savings in printing and translation costs due to less text
✔ effective and comprehensible communication for the end user thanks to simple, short structures and specific vocabulary
✔ clear and unambiguous communication


What professional services can we offer you as a translation agency?
Through a team of native speaker translators, experts in controlled and simplified languages, in addition to language services, we offer:
✔ tailor-made editing services and related translations
✔ creation of a customised editorial database
✔ linguistic quality control of edited texts
✔ more effective and precise technical translation phase
✔ punctual and reduced delivery times


Editing and translation of a technical manual
Our strength lies in our ability to combine and manage the work of editors, professional translators and technicians.
A technical manual consists of several elements:
✔ drawings
✔ wiring diagrams
✔ warranty information
✔ safety data

Dealing with all these aspects is time-consuming, and there is often a risk of not paying the right amount of attention to drafting the final technical text due to production deadlines.

Our linguists, who specialise in controlled natural language, can help you in this final phase by writing the new text of your technical manual, revising the previous one, and adapting it to the rules of this language.
Editing becomes a complete working process, where each player contributes to achieving an optimised technical manual, creating ad hoc guidelines and glossaries for your documentation.

Example of the application of controlled natural language
Below is an example to show the benefits of this innovative drafting technique.

Classic Instruction Manual – 48 words
The main purpose of the instruction manual is to provide the customer and all personnel who interact with the machine with the information necessary for its correct installation, correct use and maintenance in optimal conditions, with particular attention to ensuring that this is done in maximum safety.

Instruction manual with controlled language – 33 words
The main purpose of this manual is to provide the customer and all authorised personnel with information on:
✔ Correct installation
✔ Maintenance in optimal conditions
✔ Correct use for safe operation

This reduces the number of words and makes the final message more immediate and effective.


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