Technology as an ally for global communication. 

In an increasingly globalised world, effective communication is crucial.

Our agency is at the forefront in this field, combining human expertise with advanced technology to offer high-quality, customised and timely professional translations. We use sophisticated digital tools and innovative, constantly updated processes to ensure each translation is accurate and optimised for the customer’s context.

Our collaborators use customised and specially configured CAT-TOOLs (Computer Assisted Translation), i.e. computer programs based on translation memories and TermBases.
These tools enable professionals to achieve a high-quality end product.
Thanks to this technology, time and costs can be reduced: the original text is analysed and fragmented.
Once possible repetitions or previously translated sentences have been identified, they are highlighted and analysed to confirm their correctness in a specific context.
This technology makes it possible to guarantee a quality service in a shorter time.

Translation memories and customised glossaries
A term can be translated in different ways, and no universal translation is suitable for every context. For this reason, we put your stylistic preferences at the centre of our operations. We can create a terminology collection tailored to you by creating customised translation memories and glossaries.
This is crucial in the dialogue between a multinational company and its subsidiaries abroad, as corrections made by the latter may often alter the original text’s meaning. By creating dedicated translation memories, taking into account all the facets of the subsidiaries, we obtain a product that satisfies everyone.

Information exchange 2.0: transparency and sharing
Thanks to dedicated and protected access, you can monitor the progress of your requests, costs, delivery times and project status securely and confidentially through our portals.

iGate 2.0: a simple and user-friendly digital tool
Through the iGate 2.0 portal, you can navigate in a dedicated area with maximum security, viewing and controlling your projects through a simple and intuitive dashboard. All information will be traceable, including request details, project type, delivery dates, file exchange and costs.

iTerm: your communication in the right hands
With this dedicated portal, you can consult your Translation Memories and your Glossaries.

Your entire company will be able to access them to consult texts that have already been translated and use them when necessary, guaranteeing a uniform and consistent corporate language.

It is an easy and intuitive online library that does not require installing specific software.

All you have to do is enter your credentials to navigate safely.

Rely on us to guarantee a job well done in a short time!


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