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What is DTP?
It is an acronym for Desktop Publishing and corresponds to the adaptation and layout of graphics within a document. By graphics, we mean graphical and textual elements.

Why choose a desktop publishing service?
If you need a final document ready for printing or publishing, it must be checked and adapted to the new layout. Just think of the Arabic language: when the direction of writing changes, the arrangement of words within a page may change, as may the placement of images within it. DTP is fundamental when considering purely commercial material, such as banners, posters or brochures.

Why is this so important for translations?
Localising and managing content within a specific layout is a fundamental and complementary activity to translation.
A translated text may differ in length from the original document because the number of characters and words may vary from the source to the target language. In this case, the intervention of a DTP designer is required to modify the layout and make it faithful to the original.

Every aspect and feature of the DTP activity is shared with the customer, and together, we decide whether to proceed, for example, with a page-to-page layout to guarantee the same number of pages as the source text and not impact printing costs. The DTP designer works on the text frames, adapting and arranging them to avoid text going on subsequent pages.

This activity also ensures correct readability in all languages, even those with special characters or right-to-left writing.


What types of documents are suitable for the DTP service?
Various materials can be optimised in terms of DTP:

✔ technical manuals (user and instruction manuals)
✔ marketing brochures
✔ banners
✔ posters
✔ commercial material
✔ fair stands
✔ flyers and leaflets
✔ financial statements
✔ digital presentations

Multilingual document DTP tools
Our team of professional DTP designers can handle texts in any language and format, from Oriental languages such as Chinese and Japanese to Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. We have achieved very high quality standards in the use of multiple graphics software, including:

✔ InDesign
✔ QuarkXpress
✔ FrameMaker
✔ Illustrator
✔ PageMaker
✔ Photoshop
✔ AutoCAD
✔ Office
✔ Acrobat

If you think this service might be right for you, contact us and tell us about your needs. Together, we will build a tailor-made project for you, from translation to the final text ready to be printed.


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