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We have been providing interpreting services in multiple languages for 35 years.
We cover every aspect of your projects, from selecting professional interpreters to the complete logistical management of their transfers when necessary.


What interpreting services do we offer?

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates the speaker’s speech in real time.
Our professional interpreters usually work from booths, ensuring continuous translation into the target language.
This service is ideal if you want:
✔ that information flows uninterruptedly and that the transmission of concepts to participants is immediate
✔ to keep the duration of the event unchanged
✔ to avoid participants having to wait for the interpreter’s translation of the speech, improving the overall experience

Regarding technical equipment, such as bidule systems, booths and supporting sound systems, you don’t have to worry, we will take care of everything.

Fields of application:
✔ fairs
✔ conferences
✔ meetings
✔ conventions
✔ technical training

Impress with your event

In this particular form of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter whispers the translated speech directly into the participant’s ear in real time. This method is widely used in television programmes.

The speaker’s speech is broken down into short segments and translated a few minutes later.

Our professional interpreters take note of the main content and, thanks to their extensive training and experience, can reconstruct a speech faithful to the original using specific symbols and abbreviations.

This service is suitable if you want simplified handling without technical tools.

Fields of application:
✔ press conferences
✔ negotiations
✔ court events

In general, it is optimal for small audiences.

choose experience and professionalism

The interpreter acts as a linguistic mediator between two or more participants speaking different languages. This technique is used in situations involving frequent interruptions between the interlocutors.

Fields of application:
✔ negotiations
✔ business negotiations
✔ business meetings

If you want impeccable interpreting, with the participation of professionals who can add value to your event, request a free quote now, and we will help you choose the interpreting service that best suits your needs.


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