Thanks to the coordination constantly carried out in our agency, our professional translation service can be applied to numerous areas. This includes translation of technical manuals, financial statements and reports, and translation regarding the following fields: business, legal, medical, financial, creative and advertising.

The professional revisions that we carry out also take into account the more technical terms, to which we always give maximum value. Furthermore, the language courses run by our experts are developed with a clear, linear teaching method that is accessible to all.

We also offer copywriting and professional writing services. We go in search of the best terminology to enhance texts and slogans, elaborating translations which are as enjoyable to read as they are to create.

Our digital team takes care of translation as well as the adaptation of content for websites and social media. This makes the latter suitable in terms of browsing experience and new web language.

We also provide technical services applied to different sectors, such as subtitling for videos and webinars, as well as translation of e-learning material.

✔ User manuals and instruction booklets
✔ Financial statements and sustainability reports
✔ Brochures and catalogues
✔ Newsletters
✔ Advertising and marketing materials
✔ Contracts, agreements and deeds


We interpret your requests, quickly and without errors. This is how we operate. In fact, our professional translation services are also accompanied by our long experience in the interpreting field. This is a service we provide in over 100 languages, suitable for every occasion.

Simultaneous interpreting – even with whispered conversation – to ensure, with the necessary technical equipment, perfect understanding among all those present, whether it is an event or a round table. Direct eye contact between the speaker and the interpreters ensures smooth passage of information and immediate transmission to the rest of the audience.

Consecutive and negotiation interpreting, to make even the most delicate negotiations possible. Unlike simultaneous interpreting, in fact, this type of speech is timed in short periods and translated after a few minutes during which IMAGINE Traduzioni professionals take note of the salient contents to report them properly and accurately.

Translation is enhanced when it is spoken instead of written, thanks to further elements, such as intonation, gestures, expressiveness. These are all connotations that contribute to the definition of the message which our interpreters are ready to capture, decode and translate, always in the best possible way.

✔ Meetings
✔ Technical training
✔ Fairs
✔ Conferences

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