How to make technology an ally: quality hand in hand with evolution

Remote interpreting or RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) is a service that complements the well-established simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage services.

What are the advantages of Remote Interpretation?

A much wider audience: organising events in this way can also lead to worldwide participation. The cost does not change depending on the number of participants and the distance of the event. All this inevitably leads to better opportunities.
Streamlined and optimised logistics: no more problems with booking conference rooms, travel tickets or hotel stays.
Reduced costs: by working remotely, you do not have to incur travel costs for participants, guests and interpreters.
Time reduction: as there is no need to travel on site, the interpreter can accept several assignments on the same day.
Broader market: with this mode of interpreting, it is possible to manage online events of short duration without the need to invest onerous costs that would not bring the proper return. This is the case, for example, with webinars, video lessons and, more generally, the whole world of e-learning.


What services can we offer you?
That the world has changed, and with it, market trends, is now undeniable.
The reality of the online world is no longer an alternative, but everyday life, and, as a result, professionals have adapted.
What we put at your disposal are professional interpreters who can manage all your events remotely.
All of our collaborators have the necessary tools to guarantee you a quality service: headphones, webcams, professional microphones and, above all, adequate software training.
This modality allows us to collaborate with professionals worldwide without worrying about travel or accommodation costs.

We have been offering specialised interpreting services in over 100 languages for 35 years.
We follow your whole projects, from selecting professional interpreters to the major logistical aspects.

How do you handle remote interpreting?
After a preliminary discussion in which all specifications are defined, we contact the resources that best suit your request.
All reference material is examined, and a technical check is carried out on the computer and tools that will be used.


CLASSIC INTERPRETING: you don’t want to give up the in-person experience
✔ meetings
✔ major events
✔ institutional meetings
✔ fairs
✔ conferences

REMOTE INTERPRETING: when you have a tight budget and time
✔ webinars
✔ company meetings
✔ meetings with foreign subsidiaries
✔ video lectures
✔ e-learning
✔ videos for assembly instructions to foreign subsidiaries
✔ events for which the presence of numerous participants scattered worldwide is required

Some aspects that remote simultaneous interpreting cannot replace are the interaction between people and the opportunity to know new companies and environments.

However, remote interpreting remains an excellent alternative to achieve a quality service while optimising costs and time.

Don’t hesitate and request a consultation so that we can build a tailor-made path for you!


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