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We offer you our experience and expertise as a specialised translation agency for clear, concise and understandable software strings (also referred to as on-board machine messages).
But that’s not all: we will put our professionals at your disposal to translate these software messages for your machines.
Our translators are localisation experts and can adapt your software texts to different languages and cultures.

Here is how we organise our work flow:
✔ Preliminary analysis of software texts
We carefully examine existing texts, both in Italian and English, to identify aspects that can be improved. During this phase, we also identify specific terminology so that our translators can work in line with the language used by your software.
✔ Direct interaction with the customer
We organise meetings to discuss in detail with you the most important aspects to be considered. This interaction is crucial, enabling us to fully understand your strategy and specific requirements.
✔ Final drafting and translation of software messages
Based on the preliminary analysis, we draft the software strings in Italian, using verification and control tools and an editorial database created especially for you.
After the approval phase, we translate the newly drafted texts, which will then be imported into your program.


Why should you choose our professional translation service for software string management?
There are several advantages to choosing a translation agency with our experience:
✔ Standardisation of language to maximise the effectiveness of your software: this promotes better understanding by the end user and prevents translation errors
✔ Elimination of bugs in texts: thanks to our service, you will avoid replicating errors present in previous versions of the software, guaranteeing clear and secure language
✔ Maximisation of the use of previous translations: prior analysis allows us to examine existing texts and reduce translation costs significantly
✔ Preliminary analysis of texts allows us to work accurately and confidently in the final draft

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