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International secretariat service for legal compliance
As a translation agency, we are the reliable point of reference for handling sworn, certified and legalised translations. We offer a comprehensive international secretariat service necessary for communicating with foreign subsidiaries and partners.


What are sworn and legalised translations? 
Sworn and legalised translations are used for documents that must retain the same legal value as the original. We translate and guarantee the compliance of:

✔ contracts
✔ legal instruments and notarial deeds
✔ vital records
✔ documents for international adoptions
✔ citizenship documents
✔ certificates
✔ expert reports


Sworn or certified translation

With a sworn or certified translation, we certify the conformity and fidelity to the original text, giving legal value to the document before the court clerk or notary. We check the quality of the translation, book appointments and procure the revenue stamps to be affixed to the document.


Legalisation involves applying a stamp that validates the document, which is recognised by the foreign country’s legal system. The stamp also authenticates the signature of the official who certified the document.



The Hague Apostille replaces legalisation when the country of destination is a party to the 1961 Hague Convention

We guarantee reliability, competence, care and confidentiality.
These confidential services require the expertise of professionals to ensure legal compliance within the business ecosystem.

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