A solutions workshop
We help you communicate in many foreign languages, offering effective and timely solutions. In order to do so, we carefully select our translators and perform rigorous quality controls on every text, as well as providing a professional project management service and working with our customers to develop graphic solutions suitable for their documents.
We offer quality, timely and cost-effective solutions by relying on the latest technologies, protecting the identity of your brand and guaranteeing that your message is faithfully and effectively conveyed in all languages and cultures.
We know that even the smallest piece of text is important. This is why we take great care to ensure that it is understandable and relevant for the target audience. We make sure that any technical aspects are correctly conveyed, in order to enable our customers to build their business around their products and their industry, and – last but not least – we ensure documents have the visual impact and style our customers need.
To optimise workflows, we create terminology resources and translation memories based on previous translations. When working with technical documentation, which contains specific, standardised and recurrent terms and phrases, we never have to translate the same string twice, because our technologies enable us to save and retrieve even the smallest text unit.
We can intervene in any phase of your document management process to modify their graphic design, by seamlessly integrating our work with your software and staff – even abroad.
Imagine is a dynamic partner offering timely solutions with the technical resources needed to interact with every body and evolve in your direction.
Business documents require careful and precise management. Every Customer is assigned a qualified, dedicated project manager who can promptly answer their enquiries, providing detailed estimates of the time and costs for each project and supporting them in identifying the service that best suits their needs.
We pride ourselves on delivering fast solutions to our clients through effective staff management, even in case of urgent or large projects.
We can create translation memories and glossaries aimed at a constant optimisation of costs, which can be drastically reduced from the first assignment. The specific terminology regularly used in each department of your company can be collected into a translation memory that will be constantly updated, thus ensuring greater consistency throughout your documents.
Your strategic objectives are embedded in the documents you create, and we take it upon ourselves to help you achieve them.
Our Project Managers work towards achieving your goals, giving you peace of mind about any release deadlines for your documents.
Language services

Technical, commercial, legal, financial, creative and marketing translations
Because we are aware of the critical importance of your documents, our translations always undergo a careful proofreading and quality assurance process.

Interpreting services for a range of events
  • Simultaneous
  • Consecutive
  • Whispered interpreting
  • Liaison interpreting
Professional and specialised proofreading

Our proofreading service consists in checking that the target text is an accurate translation of the original. All translations are proofread by another professional. The proofreader makes sure that the translation is suitable for the established purpose of the document: this includes comparing the source and the target text, verifying that the right terminology, register and style are used. Specialised proofreading, on the other hand, is monolingual: the proofreader only goes through the target text, in order to make sure that it is suitable for the purpose indicated by the customer.
  • Language courses
  • Transcreation
  • Website localisation, translation of technical e-learning training programmes
Graphic design services

  • Art direction and graphic design for printed and digital materials
In addition to the layouting of your technical texts and manuals, we can also create advertising materials from scratch or revamp the graphic design of your existing catalogues or website. We offer art direction and creative services to meet every graphic design and branding needs for your products and company.

More services
  • International business services
  • Hostess service for trade fairs and events
  • Authentication and legalisation services
We can take care of the entire process required for the translation and authentication and/or legalisation of documents such as contracts, legal documents, notarial deeds, certificates or other documents required, for instance, for international adoptions etc. Authentication (sworn translation) guarantees the correctness of the document translated by a translator who is sworn in at a court. Legalisation gives legal validity to a document for use abroad.
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