IMAGINE Traduzioni is much more!

We also find the right professionals for tasks concerning the legal field, internal and external communication projects, as well as secretarial services.

We create a translation memory to organise, archive and optimise specific terms at your disposal.

We offer our customers support to give voice to every type of corporate communication: from press releases to the advertising page, from crisis communication to social media language, to translated communication through visual and subtitling (LEARN MORE ON ‘OFFICINA MULTIMEDIALE’).

We can assist you in the graphic and textual drafting of your product. Together with you, we analyse and study the right solution to optimise the contents.

In the wake of new market trends, we have organised ourselves to offer you simultaneous interpreting services remotely. In fact, nowadays it is possible to stay connected with the world, without giving up on organising events and online training thanks to the help of remote interpreters (LEARN MORE ON ‘SIMULTANEA DA REMOTO’).

Finally, we can offer you an international secretarial service at courts and embassies, with sworn and certified translations which retain the same legal value as the original. This service is dedicated to those who need a reliable and competent go-to provider to communicate with foreign subsidiaries or partners. We know how delicate and fundamental these activities are in the corporate ecosystem and, for this reason, we guarantee the utmost care and confidentiality.”

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